Humble Book Bundle: Break into the Game Industry – Any value in it ?

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What’s in this bundle and for who is it for ?

So, in this bundle there is total 18 books and all of them are meant for you to break into game industry. What that means ?

Basically, if you’re a game developer or want to be one, these books will teach you what’s hot in today’s market and how to develop those games.

I honestly never seen something similar like this and that’s why I am so much excited about this bundle.

It also talks about design you should use in games to attract more players and so they can be more consisted.

The whole worth of all books combined is $880 and it’s being sold for only $15.

If you want to dive in developing games or you have experience in it, this bundle is made for you.

I think this is actually no-brainer and there’s no real reason why to not get this.

Anyways, click button below to see whole bundle and then you can buy it when you see that this kind of sales are super rare.