Humble Book Bundle : Digital Cameras & Photography

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In this edition Humble Bundle surprised us with one of the most common hobbies and that’s photography.

Just by looking through bundle I can see that there are bunch of different type of photography lessons they talk about.

I would honestly think that this isn’t only for photographers, it is for ordinary people that just like to take pictures either with phone or camera.

Here are some of the titles contained in this bundle :

  • Digital Wedding Photography
  • Kevin Kubota’s Lighting Notebook
  • Secrets Behind Stunning Images
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6 Bible
  • Composition Photo Workshop & much more …

You can see all titles in this bundle HERE

Is this bundle worth $15 ? Will I learn anything from it ?

Well if you realize that all books combined have worth of $1,148 it’s more more than $15. So for that part being clear, price is way than good.

About learning. As I personally think that photography needs time to develop the skill, I highly believe that this bundle can teach you a ton that you didn’t know.

There are professionals speaking about their secrets and tips, so just copying what they do will move you in right direction.

If you’re still doubtful, I would say to go and get it. Because $15 isn’t much money and you can always show them to your friends who are more interested in photography than you.

Also, who doesn’t love good family pictures and there’s even book in there dedicated just for that part.

That being said, my advice is to check out whole bundle (click button below) and see if you like titles and maybe that change your opinion if you’re thinking it’s not worth it.