Humble Book Bundle: Blood, Sweat and New Year – does it have any helpful tips ?

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In this bundle, we have something way different than we’re used to. Humble Bundle decided to give us something new now and it’s on diet, health and training. I’m glad that they surprised us with this, so let’s talk about it more.

What type of books are in this bundle ?

Well as I mentioned earlier, there are books on all kind of topics but they all have something in common – healthy living. I’m glad they published this because it’s wonderful to have this at beginning of new year.

Let’s list some of the titles that are in this bundle :

  • Paleo for Beginners
  • The Complete Ketogenic Diet
  • The Ultimate Bodybuilding Cookbook
  • Practical Meditation for Beginners
  • Bodyweight Strength Training & much more…

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How much is this bundle worth ?

So all combine this bundle value is $168, that means if you bought all books separately that would be the price.

But you won’t pay that much. For whole bundle you will pay only $15 and you get 22 books of pure knowledge and value. I personally am not some athlete, but since is the new year and I already have a goal to lose weight this is perfect.

There’s no doubt that you will learn something new. As you can see there are something to learn from keto diet to bodybuilding diet.

Last Words

For me this bundle is for everyone that wants to lose weight, gain muscle or just start working out in 2019. You don’t have to be beginner to buy it, you can be already working out for several years and still you will learn something new.

So, if one of your goals is to be more healthy and in better shape this is something that will move you towards that path.

It’s better for you to see whole bundle (clicking button below) and seeing yourself all the titles in it.