Humble Comics Bundle: Fan Faves & New Hits. Is it worth it ?

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What are titles in this bundle and how much comics are in it ?

So, the whole bundle is consisted of 48 awesome comics from publisher Dynamite. This is gold for all of the comics lover, because you have material to read for weeks if not months.

So, some of the titles are :

  • Skin&Earth
  • John Wick #1 – 3
  • Undisputed Street Fighter
  • The Last Temptation & much more…

You can see whole bundle HERE

What is the price of this bundle and how much is it actually worth ?

Firstly, whole bundle with all comics combined has worth of $1,247. It is now 98% discounted and being sold for $18 (if you want whole bundle)

I think discounts like this are really rare and should be bought because it’s special offer. If you’re thinking if this is for you or not, just simply ask yourself if you would read at least 2 comics.

For $18 even if you read only 2 comics still you saved yourself money, because their worth if much higher.

If you’re still not sure I suggest to see all the titles yourself (clicking button below) and then deciding to get it.