Humble Indie PlayStation Bundle – Any good ?

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What games are in this bundle and who is it meant to ?

Title says it all, this bundle is meant for people with free PSN account because all of the games are for Playstation 4.

Also, it’s for indie lovers because games in this bundle will keep you amused for weeks if not months after you played them all.

The whole worth of games combined is more than $230+ and it’s being sold for only $15 – so you’re saving ton of money.

Even if you’re not an indie type of gamer, I honestly think this can be good for you because it’s more than a simple indie games.

These games are very well known to gamers and you probably heard some of the titles in it like : Killing Floor 2, Shadow Warrior, etc.

All the games you need to have fun on your PS4 are here and without doubt this is type of actions you need to get.

Anyways, it’s best to click button below and see all games in bundle and therefore decide if they’re worth it (and I think they are !)