Humble Manga Bundle: Fantasy – Is it worth reading ?

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What’s inside this Manga bundle and are comics worth buying and reading ?

Once again we are surprised with an awesome bundle and all of them are Manga comics. For every manga lover this is like a goldmine.

Some of the titles are : Drifting Dragons, Cells at Work, Mushishi etc. and the best thing is that they are all in one bundle, so you get them all.

When you realize that all comics combined are worth $1,000 and you can get them for only $20 bucks – it’s a pretty good deal.

So, if you’re a manga fan this is a no brainer – you have material for weeks to read any they will amuse you.

I personally love manga and that’s why something like this is like a birthday gift for me.

Also, everything is written by Kodansha Comics so you know their comics are top quality.

Anyways, click button below and see all titles in this bundle and then you will see how much this bundle is actually good.