Humble Paradox Bundle 2019 – Is it worth having ?

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What’s inside this bundle and is it worth playing ?

So in Paradox bundle we have in total 11 games including Europa Universalis IV, Steel Division, Age of Wonders and much more games.

Just ask yourself will you play at least one game from this bundle ? If answer is yes – you should get it ! Here’s why…

Basically, there are games in this bundle that have worth like $39.99 and whole bundle worth is $231 (with all games combined.)

You pay only $12 to get all those games, so even if you play only one game still you saved yourself a lot of money.

I mean this is pretty amazing deal and it’s meant for us gamers to take advantage of it.

Honestly, I wouldn’t wait anymore to get it since I like already 3 games from their list and that’s why I think that this is one time deal.

If you’re not sure, click button below and see whole bundle then after seeing all the games, your opinion might change.