Humble Programming Bundle – Is it helpful ?

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What’s inside this bundle and does it have any good information in it ?

Inside of this bundle there is 15 books and of course all of them are on same subject – programming.

Honestly, I’m hardcore beginner when it comes to programming and I only know little bit of HTML & CSS and I decided to see if this bundle is worth it or not.

First of all, it focuses on almost every programming language so that’s great because you can learn important things from each one of them.

I would say only bad thing is that there isn’t more books on specific programming language, but still for beginners and even for more advanced this is must have.

The whole worth of this bundle is $632 and it’s being sold for $15. This is kind of discounts you won’t see often and that’s why I think you should get it ASAP.

It has tons of value in these books and honestly it’s impossible to not learn something from it.

I would suggest first reading Python & Javascript books as they are best for beginners and once you’re done with them – you can continue with other books.

Anyway, if you’re still not sure if you should get this bundle just think about this discount and realize you can always share it with your friend.

It’s best to click button below and see all titles and then honestly see if you should get it (and I think you should!).